Frank and Gavin are back after a very long break.

Topics covered:

2.17 BGIcon. Knavecon and upcoming TV shoot

7.00 – Star Trek: Ascendancy expansions

17 .07 – Palace of Mad King Ludwig

27.11 –  Legacy of Dragonholt

30.46 – Deadly Premonition

39.29 – Ticket to Ride France

45.17 – Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks

48.40 – Pandemic Iberia

54.19 – Secrets

59.39 – Century: Spice Road

101.51 – Outro

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Thanks to everyone who came out to BGIcon… It’s was a BGI SUCCESS!

I think it went very well and we learned a lot from running it. We’ll almost certainly be running another one next year so stay tuned for details. Frank recored some content for the podcast so we’ll have that featured in our next episode.

Also recently we surpassed 3000 members on the meet up group. We’ve come a long way since our first meet up in a tea shop 4 years ago.

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Frank and Gavin are back with a humble little podcast for your ear holes.

On this episode we discuss some games we’ve played recently including: Burgle Bros, Swords and Bagpipes and Star Trek Interactive Video Boardgame.

We also talk about the Kickstarter for the game Deadly Premonition. A game based on a video game that was heavily influenced by Twin Peaks. And that led us to look into an official Twin Peaks board game that was released back in the 90s.

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