Frank and Gavin are back with a humble little podcast for your ear holes.

On this episode we discuss some games we’ve played recently including: Burgle Bros, Swords and Bagpipes and Star Trek Interactive Video Boardgame.

We also talk about the Kickstarter for the game Deadly Premonition. A game based on a video game that was heavily influenced by Twin Peaks. And that led us to look into an official Twin Peaks board game that was released back in the 90s.

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Not one but two guests on our first podcast of Space Year 2017.

We chat with David Roe who is one of the original founders of IGA (Irish Games Association) about the growth of tabletop gaming over the years.

We also have Brandon Felczer from Token on. Token is a new venue in Smithfield that is opening next month that is both a bar and a video game arcade. They’ll also have an event room where we can host board game meetups. (Anything we host there will be separate to our current meetups)

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In the Xmas Special Podcast Frank and Gavin are joined by Alex and Sera to talk about a large number of boardgames, including:

  • Sherlock Holmes Games
  • Holmes games
  • Beyond Baker Street
  • Project Elite
  • Nothing Personal
  • Vast The Crystal Cavern
  • House on Haunted Hill – Widows Walk
  • City of Horror
  • Kemet
  • Trump Boardgame

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In the 3rd podcast Gavin and Frank discuss some of the boardgame cafe style options that are now available in Dublin, including an interview with Ciaran from Clockwork Door and new ‘time house’ that has just opened in Dublin.

There is also a live unboxing of Ticket to Ride – Rails and Sails and we discuss ‘Don’t Mess With Cthulhu’

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Only found out about 2nd Chance Con after I’d recorded the recent podcast so didn’t get to mention it.

Event Description

2nd Chance Con is a Charity Games Convention running in Dublin on 20th and 21st August 2016 in the Teachers Club on Parnell Square West. The Con will give you a second chance to play the games you missed from Ireland’s most talented games writers, as well as trying new and exciting experimental games.

They will have RPGs, Larps and Boardgames as well as a number of special events.

Tickets are €15 for the weekend or €10 for a single day.

For more information visit