Board Games Ireland Podcast – Episode 5

Not one but two guests on our first podcast of Space Year 2017.

We chat with David Roe who is one of the original founders of IGA (Irish Games Association) about the growth of tabletop gaming over the years.

We also have Brandon Felczer from Token on. Token is a new venue in Smithfield that is opening next month that is both a bar and a video game arcade. They’ll also have an event room where we can host board game meetups. (Anything we host there will be separate to our current meetups)

Frank and Gavin talk about a bunch of new games they’ve played recently. These include Star Trek: Ascendancy, New York Pizza Party, Bloodborne and Smallworld: Riverworld.

In Controversy Corner Frank talks about the highly controversial subject of murder and the new expansion for Letters from Whitechapel; Dear Boss.

We finish up talking about the upcoming Table Top Day and the meet up being run by the IGA that takes place in the Square Ball. We also talk about what we think of the Square Ball as we gave it visit since last mentioning it on the podcast.

  • 00:30 – Intro and interview with Dave Roe
  • 22:40 – Star Trek: Ascendancy
  • 33:45 – New York Pizza Party
  • 40:16 – Bloodborne
  • 48.30 – Smallworld: Riverworld
  • 56:33 – Controversy Corner: Letters from White Chapel: Dear Boss
  • 108:52 – Tabletop Day
  • 121:10 – Brandon Felczer from Token

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License