Bro Day – April 5th, Limerick


“A fundraising BroCon event to offer a taste of what’s to come this July 18th-20th at BroCon 2014.

Pre-registration for BroCon 2014 will be available in person at BroDay, so for those of you without credit cards or PayPal, this is a must go to event.

Pre-registration information and full details on our events can be found at

For those pre-registering for BroCon, entry to BroDay is free. For all else it is a mere €5 at the door. Under 12’s enter free. However for ALL , all events at BroDay are FREE.

As part of our event schedule join us for Geek and Sundry’s International TableTop Day. Come and play your favorite games with your friends, or join a table with some new people and make new friends. We will be supplying an entensive gaming library for all of your gaming needs, however feel free to bring your own games and play also. And with any luck, you may get to go home with your very own Trophy of Awesome. There will be some free giveaways as part of our TableTop Day as well.

Console games will be running Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Soul Caliber V, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Mario Kart DS. Full details and rules for these events can be found on our site.

In the realm of CCGs, there will be events for Magic Standard and Yu-Gi-Oh Advanced Constructed, as well as demos for FutureCard BuddyFight, CardFight Vanguard, MTG, Pokemon, and more.

For the less inclined to gaming, there will also be the cosplay masquerade and the lolita picnic.

In addition to the number of events on the day, Luka Wall will be present to sell prints and show you what to expect from her artist stall this summer. Also, Naomi O’ Mara will be selling some plushies on the day.

Other events will include RPGs, and much more. More details to comes, so save the date, and stay tuned.”

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